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  • William Lloyd III

    After purchasing his first home through My Hometown Realty Group, William Lloyd decided to venture into a career in real...

  • Sheena Morant

    Sheena Morant is client-focused and results-driven. Sheena has been in relationship management for over 15+ years, working with large corporations...

  • Amy McCoy

    https://myhometownatl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/AMY-VIDEO-1.mp4   Amy McCoy is the founder and Broker of My Hometown Realty Group. She is an active member of...


  • “Amy worked with us for a long time to help us find the perfect house. This was a multiple offer situation, but Amy helped us put together the winning offer. She is knowledgeable, hard-working and super personable. I am so happy to have worked with her.

    Cat S

    Atlanta, GA in 2019

  • “Amy is an amazing, and confident realtor. She was not my first but, she is my last realtor. She provided a ton of perspectives homes…No less than 6 at a time. She is an aggressive worker with real solid people skills. She even helped me when I was a little lost is in the finance process and made it simple. Really, She understood me and she is my realtor for life. Trust her.

    Douglasville, GA in 2018

  • “Amy worked with us for a long time to help us find the perfect house. This was a multiple offer situation, but Amy helped us put together the winning offer. She is knowledgeable, hard-working and super personable. I am so happy to have worked with her.

    Cat S

    Atlanta, GA in 2019

  • “Amy went far beyond her job description to help us. She worked long hard hours and I will recommend her to everyone I know. She will always be my go to realtor for all my questions and to sell all my properties.

    J McFall

    sold a home with Amy Mccoy almost 4 years ago
    Verified by Realtor.com

  • “I recommend Amy McCoy to anyone trying to sell a home (buying a home too!). She is very personable and thorough in the whole process. Very easy to talk to an quick to respond through email or phone. We could not have chosen a better realtor.

    Jessica McCray

    sold a home with Amy Mccoy almost 5 years ago
    Verified by Realtor.com

  • “Amy is the best agent out there!  We were looking for a home and she took the time to gather all of our needs and preferences.  Amy was able to show us several homes that were in our price rage.  She was diligent and patient with us and is honestly considered family!  Work with Amy and you’ll be in great hands!”

    Bianca Brown

    Happy Buyer

  • “Amy was a treat to work with! I found Amy through Zillow and she lived up to previous reviews. Thanks to her local connections, we received offers within 24 hours of listing. Within 48 hours, we were under contract and closing went quickly and smoothly. Amy walked us through every step of the process and was available for any questions that we had.Due to the quick turnaround in the sell of our property, she helped us find a new home within two weeks. We provided her a wish list for our next home and she delivered quality listings.We were able to move into our new home just in time for closing on our old home.

    I would recommend Amy to anyone considering listing a property!”


    Natalyn Dixon

    Happy Seller

  • “Amy was absolutely awesome! As a first time homebuyer, I was very nervous and unsure about the process. Amy was very patient and held our hand the entire way. She listened to our wants and needs and found us our dream home within our budget with breakneck speed. Thank you so much for lending us your experience and knowledge. I knew i picked a winner when she returned my initial inquiry email within minutes! My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the awesome service provided!”

    Adrian Hooper

    Happy Buyer

  • “Amy made my wife and I feel special. Amy’s approach to selling our home and helping us to purchase a new home was superb. I did not feel that Amy focused so much on what she was bringing in as she placed great emphasis on what she putting out….she deliver/put out great service. I would say customer service, but I felt more like family after the experience we had….What Amy delivered was great “Family” Service. The question is not would we recommend Amy,…the question is how many people can we recommend her to.”

    Sterling Dixon Jr

    Happy Seller